Thursday, September 30, 2010

Article 3

Divya Unni
Mrs. Bailey
AP Government- 7th
01 October 2010

Article #3 Summary
Title: Psychological After- Effects of Abortion
Author: Joyce Arthur
Main Idea: Mental trauma caused by abortions is not a reality, but the inaccurate information portrayed by anti-choice supporters.
·      Mental trauma as a result of abortion has been a highly controversial topic.
·      Anti abortionist have attributed depression, rage, social and sexual dysfunction, severe and long-lasting guilt” as some of the  consequences women deal with as a result of abortion.
·      Studies have refuted the charge of any mental trauma in women post –abortion.
·      Some psychiatrist studies and anti-choice groups tend to group women who have abortions as victims or deviant-the former are those who are compelled into abortion and the other who undergoes abortion nonchalantly.
·      Reviews from Science and American Journal of Psychiatry assessed that though psychological disorders do occur after abortion, they are not severe and not long lasting.
·      In conclusion, recognizing that a certain group of women who have undergone or plan to undergo abortion will need additional counseling, is a major fact in drastically reducing the negative impact of anti-choice supporters misrepresentation of facts.
3 Important Facts:
1.There are psychological consequences to abortion but they are short- term and not severe.
2.  People who were denied abortion bore long-term resentment and their unwanted children were likely to have emotional scars
3.  With proper counseling, the people who have undergone abortion can deal with the damage done by anti-choice rhetoric.
Bias/ Faulty Reasoning: It is an article written by a pro- choice supporter and is very opinionated. Although she has many references and statistics, she is not a psychiatrist and therefore not qualified to judge a medical condition.
New Terms/Concepts:
1.     Volatile- explosive
2.     Deviant- not following the normal

Bibliography: way of life

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